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2017 gadgets from Amazonpro

2016 was a robust year for manufacturers and retailers. This was primarily driven by newer categories such as wearables and wireless speakers.
Innovations in mature product categories like laptops and TVs prevented a downward spiral in sales.
As the connected generation continues to expand. Electronics companies and retailers will be looking to further engage consumers in 2017. Through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and integrating mobile devices as the central control hub in the internet of things to stem a lengthening replacement cycle.

Smartphone manufacturers are also incorporating depth-sensing smartphone cameras, which will boost the accuracy of AR.

This helps manufacturers to increase the perceived value of their smartphones amidst a slowdown in growth of smartphones in developed markets such as North America (0% growth in 2017 from 2016).

With Google’s DayDream VR and Project Tango ready for mass consumption, we can expect an explosion of AR- and VR-ready smartphones in 2017. Like the recently announced Asus ZenFone AR.
Generating content that leverages on these technologies to drive sales will be key for retailers going forward.


2017 gadgets will also be on making it easy for consumers to use their smart home products. AI will be a key enabler. There will be an uptick in development in AI, particularly in enhancing voice control capabilities.
2016 marked a major step forward in AI development. As more global technology giants like Apple and Facebook stepped up to share their learnings in AI research.
Smart times

Technology companies like Alphabet, Samsung and Amazon are also investing in hiring experts from academia and snapping up artificial intelligence companies, such as Samsung’s recent acquisition of Viv Labs.

2017 gadgets will be about them integrating these capabilities into their products and generating a return on their investment. LG’s recent integration of its deep learning technology in several of its smart home appliances to better understand its users’ behaviour. Thus driving greater automation of its appliances. Therefor providing a preview of what is to come in 2017. Amazonpro brings you the latest in technology at the best prices.


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